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A fast and efficient noise-reduction plug-in to clean your digital images
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ImageSkill Magic Denoiser is a noise-reduction plug-in for cleaning and enhancing your digital images. It integrates easily with the most used graphic applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint, Jasc Paint Shop, Microsoft Digital Image Suite, or Ulead PhotoImpact. It efficiently removes chrominance and luminance noise, as well as some specific speckles, from your digital photographs.

Magic Denoiser includes some preset profiles to perform general denoising tasks, but you can always create your own profiles for specific cameras, types of noise, ISO values, etc. The application uses a noise pattern taken from the image itself and selected by the user. Though the noise suppression task is automatic, the percentage of the reduction to be applied will always be determined by the user. The program also includes a very neat feature that allows you to blend the original image with the cleaned version, thus preventing that unnatural look that some images acquire when processed with a very aggressive noise reduction pattern. Though it works more efficiently when dealing with noise patterns that affect the whole image, Magic Denoiser can also remove certain blemishes and speckles that appear in specific areas. To remove this “impulse noise” (also known as “salt and pepper”), you can define the size of these speckles for more accurate results.

Its well-structured interface together with its simple functionality allow you to perform any noise reduction task fast and efficiently.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Its blending feature allows you to combine the original image with the processed one for more natural results


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